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Geoff Quart of Troika Entertainment is a very satisfied customer - click here for his testimonial

Owners and Licensed Contractors of Design Tech Construction Corp. of Brooklyn NY and also T.V. hosts of DIY Networks hit show “Under Construction”

John DeSilvia says - "This is the real deal and it comes from a union carpenter/ contractor and it has a lot of practical uses. With its telescoping arms and sliding configurations, its compact size doesn't limit what it can cut."

John Palanca says - "This is awesome! It's a great concept, great idea that is well thought out by a carpenter. Half the job on a jobsite is setting up and this is already set up for you."

Carpenter Testimonials:

Dear Fred,

We have found your rolling tool platform to be a valuable asset in the high end custom casework market where the jobs are constantly changing and heavily focused on specific areas of a project. We are able to roll everything we need to do our job with excellence right to the place we work and have the tools organized in a sensible and ergonomic fashion do be as efficient as possible. Great product and definitely built to last!

Matt Gobeille
Harvest Moon Woodworks, LLC
Bend, Oregon

One of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I've had the chance to see this thing in action and it's the "real deal". - Mike Navarro


I have had the chance of working on projects utilizing the PCW and let me tell ya'll it's as easy as the slogan says, "Roll it up, Plug it in, Bang it out!" - AUBREY CLARK

The PCW has made my work much more efficient. Everything I need is right there. No more walking a 100 yards to make a cut. Any experienced carpenter will appreciate its well laid out design for function and storage. A must have for anyone who's serious about their work. - Pete

I've used this workstation many times in the past months and I have yet to find any flaws. After a quick tour of this machine by Fred, I was impressed with its practical design and the ease of working with it's many parts. Don't forget about the hidden router table, what a handy addition. - Jon Cobb

Having the chance to work with the designer of the PCW, I can say first hand that this is a product that is worth and earns its money right away. Real designs, real workers, real solutions! - Luis Estrada

The PCW pays for itself in the amount of time saved with set up. Great product!! - Tom

After 35 years as a carpenter, someone really made a better multipurpose rolling tool. It's built to last, and is super fast to set up. It holds it accuracy after many cuts and different people using it. You can figure out for yourself how much onsite time this can save. - Pete R.

I've gotten a chance to use the PCW and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Easy set up, adapts quickly to what you need it for. Such a great idea. - Cody

This is a great product. I've had the chance to use it and watch others find new and useful ways to put it to the test. It hasn't missed a beat. - Neal

This is a great product and solution for so many applications. The PCW is an all in one miter saw stand, tables saw stand, router table, workbench and gang box. I've used it personally and once you roll up to your work area, it's ready to go! I've never seen another product handle ripping a 4x8 sheet of plywood until now. Rip on the table saw, cut on the miter saw, use the router table, prep and assemble on the work bench and all of your tools, equipment and hardware are all stored in the cabinets and drawers. What a tremendous time saver and space saver!!! Amazing job! - Vinny

Knaack boxes are like portable closets, but limited in their use. This thing turns the job site into a shop immediately. Practical and easy to set up. - Chris O.

Fred, this is a great product. I was floored when I first saw it and its capabilities. Even a person with my limited (very limited) skills can use this. Great job! Congrats on the awards that you've received, they are deserved. It is only a matter of time before this will be on every jobsite. - Lou

I have known Fred for awhile and the PCW is nothing less than you expect from Fred. His no nonsense attitude about getting the job done is what the PCW is all about. I am in charge of the equipment at a large shop and seeing the PCW being job tested on the floor I was truly in AWE. If you have ever built a bird house or... a skyscraper you can't tell me that you would not want a PCW. The PCW will help you get the job done and make your skills shine through. - Artie

I have been a stage carpenter for 5 to 6 years now. Not many compared most of the others that I work with. However, enough experience to know the annoyances of the work site. For the last couple of weeks I have been able to test drive the PCW out, and have been quite impressed. From storage to utility to maneuverability, it excels at all and in a compact size. The 6? casters are large enough to roll over most small obstacles (extension cords)with ease. The casters then lock to make a very stable work surface. Being able to move and set up so quickly as well as move just as fast really cuts down on time. Which my bosses love by the way. All in all it is a great product and easy to use. - Matt Greer

I worked with Fred many years ago. He is then as he is now a good craftsman and knows how to work with people. I recently had an opportunity to test run this product. Being a shop carpenter for 25 years and also doing many years of onsite work in television and theatre, I was impressed! I wish I had this product years ago simply for its ease of use and quicker setup time. For those who are purchasing one, you will not be dissapointed. - Tommy

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